Alessandro is a German/Italian photographer based in Düsseldorf, Germany. He left his job as a mechanic to study sustainable development

and to pursuit his dream of combining his studies with photography.

Getting his first camera in 2017 he started with street style and fashion photography.

At the beginning of 2018 a trip to Iceland into the cold arctic winter changed everything. While experiencing glaciers, volcanos, mountains, waterfalls and crazy weather conditions he fell in love with landscape and wildlife photography. 

Interested in flora and fauna he regularly goes on solo photography missions or connects to other photographers to share experiences. 

Open- minded and enthusiastic about visiting new places he not only explores his home town area but also other countries worldwide.

He tries to picture through his photography how beautiful our planet, animals and people are.
As well, his goal is to raise awareness of the climate change, make a contribution to change and tries to encourage others to do so.

That's the reason why he sees his way of photographing as a long- term project.